Sevdaliza the Suspended Kid

Riveting and mellow, SEVDALIZA is a Iranian-born songstress belting sultry vibes, futuristic and all. Organic and vibrant, Sevdaliza captivates viewers with abstract images, both meticulous and sensual. The art in her work showcase an abyssal depth within every lyric sung.


Sevdaliza has currently released an exclusive amount of tracks, paired with some ravishing visuals. “That Other Girl” and Marilyn Monroe” dwell into the complications of relationships and the struggles of rising above them. Relating to the world we live in, dominated by social media and its trending rooms.


While her work is scarce and availability reserved to Soundcloud and Youtube, Sevdaliza is definitely one to watch. Please check out her work below.

Sevdaliza That Other Girl

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Sevdaliza - That Other Girl (Video)

Sevdaliza - Maryilyn Monroe

Sevdaliza - The Valley (Video)

Sevdaliza- Sirens of the Caspian

Sevdaliza - Clear Air

Sevdaliza - Backseat Love

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