Sango Da Rocinha 3

Sango Da Rocinha

Sango Da Rocinha

Pulsating, rhythmic, and sensual, Sango has managed to fuse the worlds of Brazillian “Baile Funk” music with modern day R&B and hip hop. The genre has no genre in fact, ask it is too freshly unique to isolate towards a label.


Inspired by a slew of Brazilian beats, SAngo has taken the underground art of social media mixes to new heights.  Being influenced by many Baile Funk artists, his sound matured within grasps of talented producers, musicians, and popular entertainers flooding our screens today. Sango has worked with the likes of Tinashe, Drake, SPZRKT and many others igniting a stream of attention from fans all over the world.

This year Sango has released his 3rd mix tape, “Da Rocinha 3” successor to Da Rocinha 1 and his earlier albums and EP’s. “North,” “Hours Spent Loving You” and “Unfinished and Satisfied”. Take a listen below to a few tracks, also yo can buy his album here for $1.

Sango Agorinha


Sango Na Hora feat. FAtkiss & Chris Mc Clenney

Sango So’ Voce featuring Elhae and Esta

1. Tamborzão (Intro) (2:43) – Sango
2. Rather Be With You (3:12) – Sango
3. Tempo Tempo (3:18) – Sango
4. Agorinha (3:34) – Sango
5. Não Falo (Ft. MC Nem) (2:46) – Sango
6. Bela (3:10) – Sango
7. Favela Falsetto (3:39) – Sango
8. Favela Madness (Ft. MC Delano) (2:48) – Sango
9. Ghetto Berimbau (4:37) – Sango
10. Na Hora (Ft. Faktiss & Chris McClenney) (3:13) -Sango
11. Dias Melhores (Interlúdio) (1:58) -Sango
12. Vai Rain (Ft. Marvel Alexander) (3:21) -Sango
13. She Said (4:20) -Sango
14. Tatuagem (Sadinha) (2:53) -Sango
15. É Isso Aí (Ft. Carlos) (3:16) – Sango
16. Só Você (Ft. Elhae & ESTA) (3:04) -Sango
17. Mudança (Ft. Jarreau Vandal) (3:34) -Sango
18. O Amor (2:48) -Sango
19. Relaxa Relaxa (2:27) – Sango

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