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New Music Artist Majid Jordan
New Music Artist Majid Jordan

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Smooth, riveting and romantic are just a few words to describe the sounds of Majid Jordan. The two-man group out of Toronto have shipped some massive waves into the “underground” music world of Soundclouds and BandCamps. The duo is made up of Majid Al Maskati on lead vocals and Jordan Ullman with both pulsating beats and vocals. Backed by OVO’s very own Drake, ┬áMajid Jajid Jordan’s style, sound and chill aesthetic soothes the ears and warms the soul with rhythm and bass woven into every song.


From their sensual music videos, minimalist album art, and obscure photography, the group has let it be known that it’s all about the art. Their most popular single “Her” has been trending across every social medium of music online to date. DJ’s have been pushing their own remixes of the song, not only generating exposure for Majid Jordan, but solidifying their presence and induction in an industry where the door is always revolving and the newest sound. The people have spoken and are only begging for more as Majid Jordan delivers with a new album coming next month .

New Music Artist Majid Jordan
New Music Artist Majid Jordan

Having only released EP’s in previous years, Majid Jordan releases their first album on February 5th. The album will be available for purchase on iTunes and preorder is available now. “Learn From EAch Other”, “My Love” featuring Drake, “Something About You””King City” and “Every Step Every Way” have been released as teasers to a brilliant soundtrack fro the New Year. Chill Vibes, eclectic sounds, modern beats for your entertainment, awaits yo with Majid Jordan.

Majid Jordan
Majid Jordan feat. Drake

The “Something about You” music video has amassed over a million views in in it’s ┬ámonth of release, and will only grow as the album drops. The video commences slow and seductive, drawing the viewer in with every step down an alley strung with scenes of beautiful women. He sings about seeing something different in this woman that’s changed and has drawn him closer to her. Smitten and anxious for the opportunity to be with her, he wake to the end of the alley, standing engulfed in flames of lust and desire. Check out this video and others below.

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